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Our Services

Individualized Treatment

We meet the unique needs that our clients have. Each client has a different Treatment Plan based on THEIR needs, not robotic programming protocols that require all clients to do what everyone else does!

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We Work on What Matters

We work on the skills that matter most in your child’s life. We focus on treatment goals that will create socially significant change for your family and equip your child for success as they grow. We give children the tools to live the most independent life possible.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based approach for creating significant positive behavior change. Through the use of the scientific method, ABA therapy focuses on:

  1. Assessing behavior
  2. Determining the reason for a behavior
  3. Establishing scientifically-backed solutions for the behavior
  4. Implementing those solution effectively

We create robust and custom-tailored programs for each and every child we work with.

What can I expect with ABA programming?

Functional Behavior Assessment

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Skilled BCBAs conduct the assessment in order to help you identify the causes of behavior. Based on these causes, a Treatment Plan is then created in collaboration with those that interact most with the individual.

1-on-1 Behavior Services

Trained Behavior Technicians (BTs) work individually with your child to address targeted areas of need. This can include working to decrease tantrums, increase independence while setting the table, or sleeping in their own bed. We will help with what is meaningful for you.

Educational Consulting

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Our Clinical Team includes BCBAs with extensive experience working in Education . We can help you navigate through your child’s experience in the educational setting especially as it pertains and relates to our programming.

BCBA Case Supervision

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Qualified BCBAs provide training and support to your family and to the 1 on 1 Behavior Technicians (BTs) in order to assure we continue to provide the highest quality of intervention and that all needs continue to be met throughout any provided intervention.

Social Groups

Therapeutic play group

At times, skills need to be targeted with peers rather than just with a BT. Social groups provide the opportunity to work on developing social interactions with multiple peers, including those that are typically developing.

Family Consultation

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Our Cultivate Team will come alongside your family to help equip those that need equipping. We can “do life” with you in order to show you what to do, when to do it, and how to best support your entire family.