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Maysville, Kentucky and Surrounding Areas – Mental Health Therapy

We provide in-home/community services in the Maysville, KY area only for psychotherapy, targeted case management, and behavior support services for individuals who qualify for the Michelle P. Waiver, Supports for Community Living, & State General Funds.

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Maysville, KY

Maysville and surrounding suburbs (In-Home)



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Kristy Stidham

About Our Maysville, KY Services

Cultivate provides ethical and quality in-home psychotherapy, targeted case management, and behavior support services for individuals with disabilities in Maysville, KY, and surrounding areas. Our services focus on promoting independence, emotional well-being, and self-advocacy. We create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their emotions, develop coping strategies, and achieve personal growth. With targeted case management, we ensure effective coordination of care and access to community resources. Our behavior support services utilize evidence-based techniques to address challenging behaviors. With our commitment to ethical practices and quality care, Cultivate is dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities thrive and improve their overall well-being in Maysville and surrounding areas.

Programs offered in the Maysville area


– Medicaid / Insurance
– Private Contracting

Targeted Case Management

Waiver Services
– Michelle P. Waiver
– Supports for Community Living
– State General Funds
– Private Contracting

Insurances accepted in the Maysville area

  • Michelle P. Waiver
  • Supports for Community Living Waiver
  • State General Funds

Meet the Mental Health Team in the Maysville area


Rosalyn BrandonRosalyn Brandon is a Targeted Case Manager with Cultivate Behavioral Health and Education. She began her career in 2017 as a home and community-based Behavior Support Specialist, providing behavior analytic services. In her current role, Rosalyn is an advocate and educator who works with individuals diagnosed with Severe Emotional Disability (SED), Substance Use Disorder (SUD), or the Severely Mentally Ill (SMI). She lives in and provides services for the Maysville KY region. Rosalyn has master’s degrees from the University of Cincinnati in both Applied Behavior Analysis and Community Health Education. Rosalyn is also a mother to five children and a grandmother of eight. In her free time; she enjoys writing, fishing, traveling, watching movies, helping others, and spending time with her family.