About Us - Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education - ABA Therapy

What We Do

We strive to cultivate every individual’s highest potential. We’re a multi-specialty group serving individuals with a variety of diagnoses and needs through the use of evidence-based practices.

Services We Offer

Applied Behavior Analysis

Mental Health Services (Only in Kentucky)

Behavior Support Services (Only in Kentucky)

Targeted Case Management (Only in Kentucky)


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Who We Are

Our team is engaged and motivated to help create a culture of care, advocacy, and excellence to ensure long term sustainable growth.

Our Clinical Philosophy

At Cultivate, we collaborate to provide engaging, individualized care to each patient and their families. Based on the science of ABA, our interventions seek to provide meaningful and socially significant change to help patients live a meaningful and independent life. Our team of dedicated professionals will help walk parents through the autism treatment journey to empower them to be the leader in their child’s behavior program.

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