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Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky – Mental Health Therapy

At our Fort Mitchell center, we only provide psychotherapy, targeted case management, and behavior support services for individuals who qualify for the Michelle P. Waiver, Supports for Community Living, & State General Funds.

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Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
*Saturday hours may be available*

Clinic Manager

Kristy Stidham, BSW

About Our Fort Mitchell Location

Our Fort Mitchell center offers comprehensive psychotherapy, targeted case management, and behavior support services for individuals of all ages. Our compassionate professionals provide personalized care to help clients explore their emotions, develop coping strategies, and navigate systems effectively. We use evidence-based techniques to address challenging behaviors and promote personal growth. At our center, we are committed to empowering individuals and families to achieve their goals and enhance their well-being.

Programs Offered in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management assists certain Medicaid eligible recipients to gain access to needed medical, behavioral health, social, educational and other services. TCM eligible recipients are identified as being diagnosed with a Severe Mental Illness, Severe Emotional Disability, Substance Use Disorder, and/or a Chronic Complex Health Condition.


Our team of specialists use therapeutic methods to help individuals change behavior, overcome problems, and achieve their goals. Psychotherapy is also commonly called therapy or counseling.

Insurances Accepted in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

  • Kentucky Medicaid
  • Most Commercial Plans
  • Private Pay

Meet the Mental Health Team in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

Colleen DelZotti

Colleen DelZotti, LPCC, NCC completed her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati and then her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northern Kentucky University. Colleen has nine years of experience providing therapy to individuals in home, community, and school-based settings. Colleen has clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in the following areas:

· Anxiety Disorders
· Depression and Bipolar Disorder
· Anger and Stress Management
· Family Issues
· Group Therapy
· Suicide Assessment and Risk Reduction
· Trauma and Abuse
· Self-Harm Behavior
· Self-Esteem and Self-Image Issues

Colleen enjoys working with all ages but is very passionate about working with children and adolescents. Colleen has provided school-based therapy in several of the Northern Kentucky schools over the past eight years. She loves being in the school setting and collaborating with the school staff and parents to better serve her clients (students).

She utilizes a variety of techniques and skills-based from therapeutic modalities such as TF-CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused, Play Therapy, Behavior Modification, and CBT.

Colleen works in a partnership with her clients and focuses on their strengths and developing positive coping skills to help them achieve their treatment goals.

David Jones

Area of Focus: Children and adolescents with mild to moderate disabilities to improve appropriate communication in social situations, developing life skills that lead to more independence and better quality of life

David Jones, M.Ed., BSS was a special education teacher for 17 years, mainly focusing on mental health and behavior. He enjoys working with and helping develop young people’s skills that are necessary to live their lives to the fullest.

Eileen Moore (Telehealth Services)

Eileen is currently only taking telehealth clients.

Eileen Moore LPCC-S has been with Cultivate Behavioral Health for over two years as a semi-retired therapist providing clinical services for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Eileen has extensive clinical experience in the mental health field providing program development and provision of treatment for over 40 years. She attended Northern Kentucky University as an undergraduate and completed her graduate work at Xavier University. In addition to providing direct treatment services, she provides clinical supervision/guidance to LPCA’s who are new to the field of therapy obtaining hours towards their final licensure.  Eileen enjoys her semi-retired life in a rural farm setting with her family, various farm animals, and gardening.

Emily Krallman

Area of Focus: Children with autism

Emily Krallman, M.S., BSS, has a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies and Master of Science in Family and Human Development with a concentration in Child Life. Emily’s experience includes working with children and families in stressful situations, within the home setting, in the community and in hospitalization. Emily’s professional experience is focused on children from birth to adolescence, but she has also worked with adults with mild forms of maladaptive behaviors. Prior to working at Cultivate, Emily worked as a Mental Health Specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital while completing over 300+ volunteer hours with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dayton Children’s Hospital, Flying Horse Farms, and Fernside.

Jarrod Peebles

Jarrod Peebles, LPCC, is a fully licensed therapist for Kentucky.  He has been practicing therapy since 2016 and has been a part of the Cultivate team since 2019.  Jarrod primarily treats teenagers and pre-teens but has a lot of experience working with children and adults.  Jarrod works to improve the lives of children, families, and adults who deal with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and personality issues.

Prior to coming to Cultivate, Jarrod worked at Necco for three years providing outpatient therapy to children in the foster care system, as well as providing services and care to the foster parents.  Before Jarrod began his career as a mental health counselor, Jarrod worked for eight years as a research coordinator at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  Outside of work, Jarrod has served as a wrestling coach for a local high school for approximately 17 years. Between his work as a counselor, a former researcher at Children’s, and a coach, Jarrod has been serving Northern Kentucky’s youth population and their families for most of his adult life.

John Nerswick

John is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor. His experience includes work in child and family development, intellectual disabilities, and family systems health care. John assists individuals to be good to themselves, as the basis for finding true differences in how they approach life challenges. Clients learn to treat their difficulties as reminders of their desire for improved feelings and new possibilities. John helps individuals, couples, and families, across the lifespan, with attention, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and behavioral health difficulties.

Based on personal practice, John helps individuals learn to align what they truly desire with what they say and do, and to discover new connections between real life and real effort. Clients are taught approaches for blending their daily difficulties with their desire for improved feelings and direction in life. They learn to replace “trying to change others” with new attention to themselves and connect life challenges with a new understanding of identity and purpose. John listens to what you need and customizes practices you can use to receive new possibilities, individually and in relationships with others.

Joseph Gronefeld

Area of Focus: youth/young adults with Cognitive and behavioral disabilities

Joseph Gronefeld, M.A., M.Ed., BSS got his M.A.T. in Learning & Behavior Disorders and M.Ed. in Moderate & Severe Disabilities.  Joseph has been teaching for the last four years in LBD at the early childhood level, recently, He accepted a position as an exceptional child instructor at the high school level. Joseph has a passion for working with young adults with disabilities and their families to help them reach their fullest potential in their homes, school, and communities.

Kathleen Poe

Kathleen Poe has been employed with Bluegrass Behavioral Health Group, now Cultivate, for over 3 years. As the Targeted Case Management Coordinator responsibilities include the supervision, training and compliance of the case management team along with having her own caseload in providing support, linkage and advocating for clients and their families within the community. Kathleen shows a passion and enthusiasm for mental health. She is known for her incredible organizational skills and strong dedication to those in need. Kathleen enjoys spending time with her family finding new opportunities to explore in the TriState area. 

Kelsi Corcoran

Kelsi CorcoranKelsi Corcoran started her journey with Cultivate as an intern and was promoted to psychotherapist upon completion of her degree and passing her licensure exam. She recently graduated with her MSW from Northern Kentucky University. She holds three micro-credentials including Forensic Social Work, Trauma Focused Care, and Gerontology. She spends most of her free time folding with her dad and brother, as well as shopping with her mom. Kelsi is motivated to build great relationships with her clients and help them reach maximum independence.

Kristen Danks

Area of Focus: Children and adults engaging in severe physical aggression, children with autism, ABA therapy in a clinic setting.

Kristen Danks, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA was a special education teacher for 3 years in the MSD/FMD classroom prior to becoming a board certified behavior analyst in 2020.  Kristen has worked for Cultivate since 2018. Kristen has a passion for working with children with disabilities that engage in severe maladaptive behaviors, such as aggression, to help them learn coping skills and support parents so that every child can access the community and activities with typical peers.

Lauren Hensley

Lauren HensleyLauren Hensley, CSW completed her Master’s degree in Social work at Northern Kentucky University in 2019. Lauren has experience in providing therapy to individuals in the home and community, school-based settings, and inpatient psychiatric hospitals. Lauren has experience in working with children, youth, and adults and with a variety of conditions from trauma, depression, psychosis, anxiety, and substance use.

Lauren utilizes different therapeutic modality techniques such as EMDR, CBT, DBT, play therapy, and motivational interviewing.

I love being able to be trusted to be a part of someone’s story to help them grow and to achieve their goals.

Levi Wespesser

Levi Wespesser Levi is a psychotherapist. Levi graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Social Work along with two micro-credentials in Gerontology and Forensic Social Work. Levi obtained her Master of Social Work from the University of Kentucky in 2023. With previous experience providing both community and home-based Case Management services within foster care. Levi has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. In her free time, Levi enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and kayaking with her family.

Margaret (Meg) Kennedy

Margaret (Meg) Kennedy, M.S. is a Targeted Case Manager for Bluegrass Behavioral Health Group, now Cultivate. She has been employed for one year with the company as of September 2021, and enjoys helping her clients any way she can. As a Targeted Case Manager, Meg works collaboratively with the community and behavioral health professionals to link, advocate, engage, communicate, and coordinate care for clients and their families.

Meg’s career changed directions after earning a Bachelor of Science in General Dietetics and Nutrition from Eastern Kentucky University and teaching children and adults how to cook for 6 years. She received her Master of Science in Human Development and Leadership in 2019 from Murray State University in order to pursue a career working with individuals and families in need of resources and support. In addition to a passion for people and learning, Meg enjoys cooking, reading, and exploring the outdoors with her family at their home in rural Northern Kentucky.

Megan Baer

Area of Focus: Transitions into adulthood, independent living, adults with disabilities.

Megan Baer, M.Ed., BSS taught in the general education classroom collaborating with Special Education teachers for 7 years and was a Special Education teacher for 1 year.  Megan holds her middle school math education license and her K-12 Special Education license in the state of Kentucky.  Megan is passionate about helping everyone around her and loves helping individuals achieve their goals.

Pamela Pitts

Pamela Pitts also known as “Pamela The Inspirationalist” is an energetic, God-fearing, creative, ambitious, fashionista and lover of people. Pamela is the mother of five children, seven grandchildren (two angel babies), three fur babies, and the wife to her awesome supportive, and handsome husband. Professionally Pamela has a long list of degrees/certifications that qualify her to do the work that she loves as she is truly a servant to the people at heart. Pamela is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate MS, a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist (previous owner of two hair salons and one empowerment studio), Nationally Certified Interpreter for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Interpreting for past presidents Barack/Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and a host of government officials, gospel artist, and secular artist), Professor at a University teaching American Sign Language classes. Pamela is also the CEO/Founder of L’BAE (Living Blessed and Empowered) Life-Style Brand providing a host of services/inspirational products to the community. Pamela’s lifestyle is very busy and she enjoys every minute of it for being active keeps a happy and serene mindset.

Rachel Smithson

Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work. In the past 11 years, Rachel has served her community, working with children, adults, and families through case management and psychotherapy services, supporting individuals in making positive changes in their lives. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths-based treatment, motivational interviewing, and trauma-informed care. Rachel was born and raised in Northern Kentucky. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her children and family.

Tonya Davidson

Tonya DavidsonTonya Davidson is our Clinical Community Outreach Coordinator. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with my MSW in 2017. Tonya enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, spending time outdoors, and attending sporting events. Tonya has worked at a mental health hospital for nine years working with a variety of age groups from children to geriatrics. Tonya worked in the substance abuse field for five years. She has a passion to help others reach their full potential.