Creating a Visual Schedule - Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education - ABA Therapy Parent Training

Most children with ASD have difficulty with transitions and unexpected changes in routines. ​ Waiting until the last minute can make things worse​. Schedules help cope with unexpected changes.

Benefits of Creating a Visual Schedule:

  • It establishes routine to know what is coming and what to expect​ 
  • It informs the child of upcoming changes and how to prepare for them​ 

Keep These Helpful Tips in Mind When Creating a Visual Schedule For Your Child:

  1. Place in a central location​.
  2. Encourage your child to check the schedule – tag line or auditory cue.
  3. Review the schedule with your child and select the first picture (top to bottom, left to right)
  4. Encourage the child to say the activity or point to it.
  5. Child takes the picture off the schedule and takes it to the designated area.
  6. Complete the activity.
  7. Reture to the schedule.
  8. Place completed activity visual in “completed” box or envelope.
  9. Move on to the next fun activity!