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ABA therapy is an evidence-based approach for creating significant positive behavior change. It focuses on the idea that our consequences affect how we learn as well as our future actions.

Research shows that high-quality, intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs provides the best outcomes for children diagnosed with autism and other neurological and developmental disabilities. Through the use of the scientific method, ABA therapy focuses on (1) assessing behavior, (2) determining the reason for a behavior, (3) establishing scientifically-backed solutions for the behavior, (4) and implementing those solutions effectively.

Benefits of ABA Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on the idea that our consequences affect how we learn as well as our future actions. At Cultivate, the skills we teach include:

  • Language development
  • Functional play and social skills
  • Daily living skills
  • Parent Training
  • School training and readiness
  • Potty training
  • Behavior management

Where can ABA Therapy Take Place

Cultivate offers ABA therapy at our learning centers, in homes, and during community outings. We strongly believe that therapy across various settings helps our clients learn and apply their skills in the moments and places that matter most. 

With center-based therapy, children grow more independent in a safe, caring, and comfortable environment. At one of our clinic centers, children can play with peers, practice and learn social skills, communication, daily living skills, and school-readiness.

Children learn to appropriately engage and play with siblings during home-based therapy. Independence is gained by accomplishing potty training, daily hygiene skills, tasks, and completing household chores. If you are interested in home-based ABA therapy, visit our clinic pages in Illinois and Kentucky.

Out in the community, children learn to safely access spaces including grocery stores, doctor’s offices, hair cuts, and restaurants. Learn more about Cultivate Community Services.

Cultivate a confident future through personalized care

We understand that there are many questions, thoughts, and concerns when searching for ABA therapy for the first time or when looking for a new provider. Our team is here to walk beside you and help you through every step of the way. Visit our Getting Started page find out what you can expect with this form of therapy and what your next steps might be.