The Cultivate Story

The Date: Many years ago (during high school in fact), Rob and Katie went on their first date. It certainly was not your traditional first date, yet it was an offer that Rob could not pass up. Katie invited Rob on the “date” that would change their lives together forever. Katie asked Rob if he would be interested in joining her in taking a kiddo with autism to watch Jungle Book. He thought, “Sure, it’ll be relaxing. We’ll sit in the back row and have snacks. How tough could this be?” Needless to say, the date was not relaxing. What happened that afternoon set the stage for much more than Rob and Katie ever imagined.


College: Rob and Katie started college. They had a deep passion for learning and wanted to grow in their abilities to serve children and families in ABA settings. They gained professional experience as Behavior Technicians and worked towards becoming Licensed Teachers so that they could run their own ABA classrooms. They were also married during this time! 

Careers: After college, Rob and Katie started teaching in their own ABA classrooms. They quickly excelled because of their desire to do right by their students. After becoming established in the classroom, both Rob and Katie went on to roles as Autism Specialists, Consultants, and Administrators. It was there that the desire to work privately exclusively really grew. They learned that the more they “climbed the ladder” the more removed they were from their vision and priorities in working as practitioners. 

Entrepreneurship: Although Rob and Katie both loved working in schools, their ultimate goal has been to start their own private practice and channel their efforts in building a company that maintains a different philosophy than most. While others are motivated by revenue and profits, we simply want to provide the highest-quality ABA services accessible to families. Rob and Katie's entrepreneurship started in 2012 and we will continue creating, building, and improving as a company that aims to honor those that we intend to serve. We humbly believe that there is much to gain through the provision of high-quality ABA services, and that mediocrity does not fit into this equation. Our goal is to work faithfully and compassionately-we aim to be different.