Speech Therapy


What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a specific type of therapy that treats disorders that affect the way a person produces speech and/or language. For example, some children might have trouble producing speech sounds fluently. Other children might have trouble understanding and putting together various words to express themselves through their language. Speech therapy involves assessing and identifying speech and language challenges and treating those through multiple effective strategies.


Why is Speech Therapy important?

Communication is a vital component to daily life. It facilitates a child’s ability to communicate their wants and needs, interact with others, learn, and explore their environment. When a child has a delay in one of these areas, it may lead to behavioral, educational, or social difficulties. If your child has a speech or language delay, it's very important to start speech therapy early so that we can bridge the developmental gap and help your child get back on track in the least amount of time. 


What makes Speech Therapy great at Cultivate?

At Cultivate, our Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) complete a comprehensive evaluation of speech, language, sensory and pragmatic skills. The SLP creates a customized treatment plan to support your child’s needs during individual therapy sessions. Our therapists collaborate with each child’s families, ABA therapists, rehabilitation therapists, and other educational and medical specialists. We strongly believe that your kid deserves the best treatment out there, and we put our best foot forward to make that happen. From day one, we'll be working on what matters most for you and your child. We want to ensure that your child has a treatment plan that meshes well with the goals you have, so that your family can worry less about developmental delays and more on doing what makes you happy. Happy child = happy family.


What does Speech Therapy look like?

Typically, a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will work with your child either at your home or at our center. Sessions last approximately 45-60mins. The session for each child will look different since we provide individualized programs for each and every child based on their assessment. 


Can my child get Speech and ABA therapy at the same time?

He/She sure can! When appropriate, our ABA therapists are ready to support your child while they receive therapy from other professionals. Our ABA therapists and speech therapists work closely together so that we can maximize your child's potential by using effective intervention strategies that meshes well with your child's programs.