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ABA Resources for COVID-19

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Throughout this challenging time, Cultivate Behavioral Health and Education is taking careful consideration to mitigate your risk for exposure to COVID-19.

As essential behavioral health providers, it is our goal to continue with service delivery across telehealth, in-home, and limited center/clinic-based models. The steps our staff take to mitigate risk are critical and everyone plays an individual role in maintaining a safer work environment for all.

We will continue to communicate updated risk mitigation protocols, services and ABA at Home resources for families through this webpage, so keep an eye out for updates!

Our Protocols

Cultivate is committed to serving you in the most responsible way possible. By following our strict procedures we are dedicated in maintaining the health and safety of our communities.

Risk Mitigation Procedures Infographic

Videos and Activity Resources

Story Time Video Playlist

Craft Activities Video Playlist

What is an Oasis Space?

What is an Oasis Space?

An Oasis Space is a place in our home, school or ABA center that help learners decompress, relax and get ready to learn. Creating an Oasis Space or Sensory Space is just as easy and can also give your child the tools to be ready to learn.

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Homemade Kaleidoscope

Homemade Kaleidoscope

Are you looking for a new activity to inspire creativity from your kiddos? These homemade kaleidoscopes are so fun and easy to make. To learn how to create your very own customizable kaleidoscope at home, follow along step by step!

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