Painted rock art is a delightful and therapeutic craft that allows you to transform ordinary rocks into beautiful pieces of art. Whether you’re looking for a fun family activity, a way to express your creativity, or a calming project for autism support, painting rocks can be both enjoyable and meaningful. 

Benefits of painted rock art in ABA therapy: 

  • Engaging in creative activities like rock painting provides an outlet for self-expression, sensory exploration, and fine motor skill development for individuals with autism. 
  • Painting rocks aligns with ABA therapy principles by encouraging repetition, attention to detail, and positive reinforcement for completing tasks. 

Materials you’ll need: 

  • Rocks 
  • Paint or puffy paint 
  • Glue (Optional) 
  • Items to glue onto your rocks (feathers, beads, etc) (Optional) 

How to decorate your rocks: 

  1. Pick out a rock to decorate 
  1. Paint your design onto the rock (with adult supervision) 
  1. Glue on additional items like feathers and beads to complete your rock art! 

Painted rock art offers a unique blend of self-expression, sensory exploration, and skill-building for children with autism and those receiving ABA services. Whether you’re creating simple designs or intricate masterpieces, enjoy the process and let your imagination soar!  

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