Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

On a day-to-day basis, we all need to carry out many activities to get through the day. All the meaningful activities we need to engage in are occupations. For example, parents need to engage in occupations such as: getting out of bed, feeding themselves and their children, going to work, paying bills, etc. The same is true for children: they need to complete occupations that contribute to their growth. For such reasons, pediatric occupational therapy helps children develop their ability to complete those type of occupations.


Why is Occupational Therapy important?

Children with disabilities tend to have difficulty with various occupations. For instance, some children with autism have a hard time coordinating their limbs to complete occupations such as using buttons, zippers, shoe laces, eating utensils, etc. Pediatric occupational therapy can help with these tasks, and many more. If children begin to display warning signs of delays, its imperative that the child receives assessment and treatment so that their development isn’t further delayed.


What makes Occupational Therapy great at Cultivate?

Cultivate goes above and beyond when providing occupational therapy for children. Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) conduct a thorough assessment of your child and, with your goals in mind, create a treatment plan to develop their occupational skills. During treatment, we are steadfast in our pursuit to grow our clients and ourselves. We are constantly reinventing our practice so that we are up to date on all the latest treatment strategies so that your child receives a robust and effective treatment package.


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What does Occupational Therapy look like?


Typically, the OTs sessions vary in length. Based on the assessment of your child, the OT will work on different types of occupations. If your child needs to practice their gross motor movement, the OT may help your child complete activities like obstacle courses where your child may need to practice crawling, wheel barrows, balancing on a beams, etc. Other children might need to work more on their fine motor skills, so the OT might practice buttoning and unbuttoning clothes, writing, crafting, etc.


Can my child get Occupational and ABA therapy at the same time?

He/She sure can! When appropriate, our ABA therapists are ready to support your child while they receive therapy from other professionals. Our ABA therapists and occupational therapists work closely together so that we can maximize your child's potential by using effective intervention strategies that meshes well with your child's programs. 

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