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An Oasis Space is a place in our home, school or ABA center that help learners decompress, relax and get ready to learn. In a previous blog post, Sensory Processing Crafts, we explained the benefits of creating sensory opportunities for your child and provided a list of our favorite activities. You can incorporate different sensory activities into your child’s day-to-day life with ease and often with common things found around the house. Creating an Oasis Space or Sensory Space is just as easy and can also give your child the tools to be ready to learn.  

What is an Oasis Space? 

A Sensory Room is a dedicated area designed for therapeutic play with a variety of equipment to explore sensory input. By comparison, Oasis Space focuses more specifically on activities that will help calm and focus an individual with sensory issues to better prepare for learning and interacting in social situations.  

To learn more about the history of sensory spaces and additional benefits, read the blog post “How People with Special Needs Can Benefit From Sensory Rooms” by Enabling Devices. https://enablingdevices.com/blog/benefits-sensory-rooms-special-needs/  

Creating a Calm Space at Home 

Our Orange Park Oasis Space – featured in the image above – has cozy bean bags, soft textured rugs, dimmed light, and LED lights.  Adding a crash pad, egg chair or body socks can help learners who need safe large body movements to decompress. Creating a sensory room at home or school has the added benefit of therapy continuity allowing your child to have the same soothing therapy methods available in our clinic spaces.  

The contents and layout of your in-home Oasis Space can be individualized to your child’s needs. Sensory spaces don’t need a lot of room to be effective. Dedicating a corner of a large room to a calming space with inexpensive materials can help to center and regain control of emotions in a low-stress, fun environment. Setting up your oasis space can be as easy as dimming the lights, hanging a strand of Christmas bulbs, using a nicely scented candle, and getting cozy under a weighted blanket. 

If you’re looking to create a room with more tactile stimuli, visit our pinterest page for creating your own sensory materials.