The Cultivate Team

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is a good fit in terms of our BTs and BCBAs to our clients and when our clients are a good fit for our vision at Cultivate. Because of these priorities, we do not assume every case that comes to us. We firmly believe that we at Cultivate can inspire and support the change that families are pursuing. In addition to our expertise, we aim to be personable, engaging, and interested in doing all that we can to meet the needs right in front of us. Meet our Founders!


Robbie El Fattal, M.S., BCBA

Founder + CEO 

Rob is the Founder and CEO of Cultivate and truly loves the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). He has served in a number of capacities before starting Cultivate with his wife and partner, Katie. Early on, Rob was trained by one of the world's most reputable ABA agencies and took that experience and training to every setting that he's worked. He's worked most positions in Special Education ranging from Behavior Technician in a classroom, to Licensed Teacher, to Program Administrator. In addition, Rob also has extensive experience working in Higher Education as a Part-Time Instructor for both undergrad and graduate students. He has served in private-practice as a Clinical Case Supervisor, BCBA, and CEO of a growing private-practice in California. He's learned a lot over the years and is excited to bring those collective experiences to Austin! 

As CEO of Cultivate, Rob is committed to service. There's a lot of moving parts in an ABA program and his goal is to build and cultivate a culture where clients excel because their provider is responsive and organized. Given that desire, Rob is largely responsible for vision and culture at Cultivate. Rob is also working on a PhD in ABA at The Chicago School, which constantly positions him as a thought leader in the field. Clearly, Rob is thrilled to serve where he is led and loves the challenge of continual growth. His desire is to continue searching for opportunities to expand his territory, while influencing the field and inspiring positive change that benefits families and their loved ones. 


Kathryn Ann Fattal, M.S., BCBA

Founder + CQO

Katie (Co-Founder) is one of the most dedicated professionals that you will ever encounter. She started her career in the field of ABA, and from the commencement of her career, has impressed families and colleagues alike with her work ethic, dedication, and compassion for those that she serves. Like Rob, Katie had very similar experiences. She's worked in Special Education, Higher Education, and in private-practice. Working with families is her specialty and she brings an unparalleled level of skill to her work. She is a master of building rapport and families have loved having “Miss Katie” as their child’s BCBA. Katie is a true leader and inspires those associated with her to excel and reach their full potential.

Katie assumes and embraces responsibility. She does everything in her power to ensure that her clients and staff receive the level of support, nourishment, and guidance that is required. She currently serves as the Chief Quality Officer (CQO) for Cultivate and is largely responsible for quality and excellence for the organization as a whole. Katie is a rare find (Rob certainly understands that) and Cultivate would not be what it is and will not reach its full potential without her!

She and Rob also share the joy of having 5 children themselves. Families and children are important to them, so they bring both personal and professional experience to their work at Cultivate!