Crafting a glowing sensory bottle serves as a visually captivating and calming tool within Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, offering an immersive experience for individuals with autism. 

Benefits of the Glowing Sensory Bottle: 

  • Visual Stimulation: The glowing colors and swirling motion of the liquid provide visual stimulation, capturing attention and fostering engagement for children with autism. 
  • Sensory Exploration: Individuals can explore the bottle’s contents through touch and sight, promoting sensory integration and awareness. 
  • Calming Effect: The gentle glow and rhythmic movement of the sensory bottle have a calming effect, making it an ideal tool for relaxation and self-regulation. 

Materials You’ll Need: 

  • Plastic Water Bottle 
  • 2-3 tbsp Water Beads (optional) 
  • Glow Sticks –Water 
  • Glue (optional)  

How to make your glowing sensory bottle: 

  1. Fill the plastic bottle 3/4 full of water. 
  1. Add 2-3 tablespoons of water beads. (optional) 
  1. Fully snap glow sticks so they are glowing and add them to the bottle. 
  1. Add the lid (but don’t glue it into place just yet) and allow the water beads to expand.   

Your glowing sensory bottle is now ready to be a valuable part of your ABA therapy toolkit.  Whether used as a calming tool, a visual distraction, or a means of sensory exploration, aba therapy sensory bottles offer a versatile resource to get creative and experiment with different colors. 

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