Top 50 Autism Blog 2018:

Cultivate's Digital Legacy


Back in 2015, we made the decision to really dedicate ourselves to creating and composing high quality digital content so that we could better serve all the parents and professionals that use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in their daily lives. For years, we have been working on making truly great content, like the "Keepin’ It 100" series, so that everyone can benefit by utilizing the FULL ARSENAL that ABA has to offer. However, we’ve always had a hard time getting that information out there because it’s hard to get attention on the internet. Like, really hard. We are constantly bombarded with notifications, advertisements, articles, videos, social media, and all that makes it hard to REALLY stand out. That makes this news all the more great: we have been awarded the “Top 50 Autism Blog” in 2018 by FeedSpot, a content reader with more than 1.7 millions readers!


autism 50 award.png


When we received the news, we were ecstatic to hear that people think our content is not only useful, but also that it’s worthy to be dubbed a “Top 50 Autism Blog” in 2018. That’s huge! Receiving this award will really help us disseminate our content to a bigger audience, which means that we will be able to make a greater positive impact in this world. And y'all know we are ALL ABOUT leaving a GREAT LEGACY that impacts many. Because of this, we are not stopping there. That’s not our style! We really want to refine our craft and continue making stellar content. For example, we are rolling out the last 50 "Keepin’ It 100s," with an Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) theme, so that likeminded professionals can grow with us as well, and make a positive impact on their clients across the world. Our content is a big reason why we got this, and we want to continue to deliver new and exciting information so that we can reach more people like you!


Thank you again to FeedSpot-this award was a huge encouragement. Onward and upward!"


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