Cultivate's BCBAs - Our Strong Foundation

At Cultivate, we're proud that we get to engage and employ the best BCBAs in a given market. Given our impressive growth, we officially employ 9 incredibly skilled BCBAs. That said, we thought it would be helpful to share a high-level overview regarding our hiring practices when it comes to the BCBA role specifically, and share a bit about BCBAs along the way. 

BCBA is an acronym meaning Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Within an ABA program, the BCBA develops client treatment plans and then oversees the implementation of these treatment plans. These treatment plans include all the behavior reduction and skill acquisition goals in place for each individual whom we serve. All BCBA candidates go through the rigor of a master's program, and then they complete an additional 1500 hours of practicum time supervised by an experienced BCBA. Once these requirements are complete, the BCBA candidate can move onto the next step-THE EXAM. This is no small endeavor. Most BCBA candidates study hours and hours before their exam. I personally studied weeks before my exam, and I know that many others have as well. The most effective BCBA candidates study with diligence not because passing the exam is their concern, but rather because their goal is to become a stellar clinician-a clinician who is prepared and ready to endure the challenges ahead. Once the BCBA candidate passes the exam, they're board certified and officially a BCBA! I know how good that FEELS, so it's quite an exciting moment in one's career. 

So, you're a BCBA, what's next? You likely get promoted to a supervisory role almost immediately, and if not, you're definitely in the running (even though you may not be ready despite all the preparation). Many agencies will put you in a supervisory role based on necessity, whether or not you're actually good at doing the work or fit their clinical model and philosophy. BCBAs at Cultivate are hired differently. Every single BCBA that we hire has gone through at least 2-6 levels of interviewing. This includes multiple in person interactions and observations with our leadership, staff, and clients. Why do we interview BCBAs so rigorously? Well, it's because we want you to have the best BCBAs in the market, and I'm absolutely confident that we do. Not only are our BCBAs qualified, but they're incredible, HIGH-character individuals. You deserve that, and we demand it. 

We love our BCBAs, and so we wanted to take a moment to share with you how special they are to us, and how grateful we are that they call Cultivate home. As always, please let us know how we could better serve you! You can do that by clicking the button below. 

This post is dedicated to Nissa, Lauren, Shaw, Katie G, Mary, Matt, and Jenni. We're so very glad that you've entrusted your careers to us.

Rob @ Cultivate 

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