Cultivate Receives Top 5% Best ABA Therapy Provider Accreditation 

Back in November, we agreed to undergo an audit with the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE). Unlike other audits, working with the BHCOE is more about proving assumptions within your clinical model and learning more about where you stand on the quality spectrum. Since 2015, we’ve claimed that we’re a leading ABA/autism therapy provider in Central Texas (and beyond). The BHCOE accreditation was our validation, and we’re honored to have been recognized as a BHCOE provider that scored in the TOP 5% when compared to other BHCOE providers. In this post, I’ll share more regarding the professional experience in working with the BHCOE, and what it means to the Cultivators and the incredible clients that we serve.



Personally, the BHCOE made us anxious. They literally looked at everything important, and the documents that we provided were extensive. In a sense, they dug into our entire practice, and was a bit uncomfortable. We were concerned about the results, and how they would impact our staff and clients (both groups knew what was happening because they completed confidential BHCOE surveys). In a sense, we put it all on the line because our aim is to run a quality organization, both clinically and operationally. This identification of top quality organizations is precisely what the BHCOE aims to ensure. Because they've pinpointed the most substantive elements in running a quality behavioral health practice, they do this work incredibly well. I think an important aspect of the process to highlight here is that the ABA providers CHOOSE to go through this process. Why would anyone willingly initiate such an extensive audit? For us, it is because we truly care about being a quality provider. Even providers that do not get accredited should be proud that they initiated a process like this.


What does this mean to Cultivate staff and clients? Well, we could rest on our laurels and call it a day. However, despite our high scores, we’re still not done making progress. We had a couple elements in the report that we want to improve. For example, we’re going to really ramp up our parent training initiatives with more video-based, easily accessible content. This is just one area that we plan improve, but there are others. The point is, we could have celebrated (which we did BTW), and left it as is. In fact, we did earn a 3 year accreditation, which we think is baller. BUT we’re not going to stop there. We’re going to keep improving. We’re going to keep relentlessly refining everything we do @ Cultivate, all because you matter. You deserve to work in a world-class organization. You deserve to receive your services through a provider that constantly seeks improvement and never settles simply because things are working okay.


We appreciate all the support that’s been provided, and we could not be more grateful FOR YOU. You’re what makes this thing so beautiful. You’re what makes the hustle and grind worth it. You’re the hero in this story, and we’re humbled that you’ve chosen Cultivate as such a central place in your life.


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