Our ABA Therapy @ Any Baby Can’s Walk For Autism 2019

Dear San Antonio!

It was such a pleasure to spend time with everyone during the 2019 Any Baby Can’s Walk For Autism! We were ecstatic that our Cultivate family had a chance to go out there to join the families of San Antonio and meet with the staff of Any Baby Can. ABC never ceases to impress us with their perpetual dedication to help everyone meet their needs. It’s clear that this community is so full of love and we are so glad to be a part of it ❤️

We spent the majority of the day connecting with all the families and answered all the questions they had. As we all know, navigating the world of the autism spectrum disorder can be difficult and can bring up a whole sleuth of questions, such as: what is the best insurance? Where can someone find grants? What type of therapy is the best therapy for my child? While these questions can be hard, finding an answer shouldn’t be! We were so happy that we had a chance to touch base with those impacted and answer any difficult questions about autism and the challenges that can come with that diagnosis.


Thank you again for the opportunity Any Baby Can! As a direct ABA therapy provider, we know how intricate it can be to find and sustain support for our families. Which is exactly what distinguishes Any Baby Can; their commitment to supplementing those efforts is second to none. You definitely put the CAN in Any Baby Can. Keep being awesome ABC! 💯💯💯

And let’s not forget how awesome HEB is. Like, for real, H-E-Buddy, you the real MVP. 🏀

And let’s not forget how awesome HEB is. Like, for real, H-E-Buddy, you the real MVP. 🏀


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