Check out the videos below as Rob explains the difference between SATIATION and DEPRIVATION given how it's applied in ABA. Both concepts are important and critical in your work within the ABA program. Effectively utilizing these behavior-analytic strategies is critical in serving your kiddos with autism (and your typically developing learners as well). Understanding the concepts more FULLY could mean the difference between your ABA program being successful, or not. I've worked with so many kiddos with autism over the years that have not progressed because they're satiated on the "reinforcers" the staff are utilizing. We're squandering GREAT opportunities to strengthen behavior every time we ineffectively utilize reinforcement. If you think you're reinforcing, but you're not, you've lost a good opportunity to help your learner learn.  When you're serving kids with autism that need every chance they can get to progress, there's simply no excuse. Let us know how we can help! 

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