Autism Speaks Austin WALK 2017

Dear Austin!

It was such a pleasure to spend time with everyone during the 2017 Autism Speaks Austin Walk! We really enjoyed going out there to show our support for the families that have been impacted by the autism spectrum disorder. Whether you have a diagnosis, you are a friend/relative of someone on the spectrum, or you work with someone with ASD, it was great to see you all come together and show Austin what support is really about!


The staff at our booth in the Autism Speaks Austin Walk were ecstatic to talk to everybody! Navigating the world of the autism spectrum disorder can be difficult and can bring up a whole sleuth of questions, such as: what is the best insurance? Where can someone find grants? What type of therapy is the best therapy for my child? While these questions can be hard, finding an answer shouldn’t be! We were so happy that we had a chance to touch base with those impacted and answer any difficult questions about autism and the challenges that can come with that diagnosis.


We are happy to announce that Cultivate was able to reach their donation goal of $1000!!! Way to go everyone! It really came down to the wire and it was a photograph finish, but we were able to raise the funds to help the Autism Speaks Austin Walk fund autism research and awareness!


Lastly, let’s  not forget about our super cool dinosaur costume! Our T-Rex was there at the Autism Speaks Austin Walk to cheer families at the finish line, pose for photos, and even dance with H-E-Buddy!


Check out our photos from the event! Thank you again everyone who participated this year and we hope to see you there next year!!


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