This is a HUGE day for us. Episode 21 covers the concept of PUNISHMENT. As parents, if we use punishment, it’s likely that we’re using it incorrectly. Because of that and how important this concept is, we’re kicking off the week with 3 Episodes on Punishment. Ask questions as you have them and ENJOY!

Keepin' It 100 is a practical web series by Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education designed to help parents and practitioners learn and apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Keepin' It 100 is designed to be a series of 100 videos, each roughly 100 seconds in length over 100 days.

Keepin’ It 100: Episode 21

Punishment can be a means to an end-punish a behavior and it decreases. The proper application of punishment does contribute to a decrease in challenging behavior. If you’re using punishment and the behavior that you’re punishing is not decreasing, then you’re not punishing the behavior. In fact, often times, parents that are using punishment may be reinforcing their children. In the next 2 posts, we’ll explore an example of how this plays out in certain situations.

Most ABA programs more readily utilize reinforcement procedures yet there are situations in which punishment is explored. The BACB has Ethical Conduct Guidelines that we’re to follow as BCBAs when considering the use of punishment. The purpose of exploring punishment and its effect on behavior in the Keepin’ It 100 Series, is to bring to light the true purpose of punishment and common errors when applying it, more from the perspective of parents that use punishment to decrease behavior. The key is that behavior is decreased. If behavior is not decreasing, then you’re not using punishment effectively.