In this episode of Keepin' It 100 (KI100), we will continue the journey of looking at why challenging behavior occurs. There are specific reasons as to why all behavior occurs and we'll dive into those reasons continuing today with the idea that we all behave and misbehave to access tangible things. Whether it’s dad going to the dealership to purchase a sports car or son having a tantrum at Target for a Hotwheels, access to tangible items is one of the reasons why behavior occurs.

Keepin' It 100 is a practical web series by Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education designed to help parents and practitioners learn and apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Keepin' It 100 is designed to be a series of 100 videos, each roughly 100 seconds in length over 100 days.

Keepin' It 100: Episode 9

We engage in behavior ALL DAY EVERYDAY to access tangible things. You’ll likely engage in hundreds of behaviors before the day is over for the purpose of accessing tangible items in your environment. It’s all good right, makes sense? It’s all good until we as humans engage in inappropriate behavior for access to tangible things. This is the last reason we’ll explore together as to why behavior occurs!

As we said above, the issue with access becomes more concerning when individuals engage in challenging behavior to get what they want. As a parent of 4 kiddos myself, I know how common it is for them to engage in the wrong behaviors to get what they want. Whether it’s my son that lied to get ice cream or my daughter that tantrumed to get a light-spinner, these things happen all around us all day. The key in addressing the behavior is to ensure that we as parents and practitioners are mindful of how we’re reinforcing the behavior. We also want to be sure that the learners can access those reinforcers in more socially appropriate and acceptable ways. This is called a Replacement Behavior. Be mindful as you look ahead and please let us know how we can be serving you!

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