In this episode of Keepin' It 100 (KI100), we will continue the journey of looking at why challenging behavior occurs. There are specific reasons as to why all behavior occurs and we'll dive into those reasons continuing today with the idea that we all behave and misbehave for ATTENTION. Attention is one of the reasons why behavior occurs. 

Keepin' It 100 is a practical web series by Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education designed to help parents and practitioners learn and apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Keepin' It 100 is designed to be a series of 100 videos, each roughly 100 seconds in length over 100 days.

Keepin’ It 100: Episode 7

Attention is a powerful thing. We often give it for the wrong reasons and fail to give it for the right reasons. In the chaos of our lives, we often address behavior reactively rather than proactively. With attention, this can be a vital error that can lead to difficulty in terms of challenging behavior. Be mindful of this as you consider your own behavior towards your kiddos. Consider these questions to help you evaluate your current rhythms as to when you provide attention.

  • Do you stop what you're doing when your kiddo misbehaves?
  • Do your kiddos get attention proactively when they're doing things right?

The goal is to make us more aware as parents and practitioners. No need to kick yourself for getting this wrong on occasion. Let's be empowered by our awareness and make change moving ahead!  Attention is a basic need for us as humans, let's be sure we’re giving it and getting it for the right reasons.

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