ABA can be unnecessarily complicated. A part of our Mission at Cultivate is to make ABA come alive through practical, accessible, and top-notch education. We aim to be the best because you deserve it. While one division of the organization is dedicated to service provision, the other division is focused on moving the field forward through innovation and education. 

One socially significant issue that we've been working through is how unsuccessful kiddos can be in different settings. For example, learners that receive services through an ABA agency might also go to Speech, OT, PT, or Pre-K. In these settings their challenging behavior might be so difficult that nothing productive is getting done. That, as you can imagine, is a squandering of time and money, not to mention the frustration that must be building up. The devastating part is that all of these kiddos that have ABA, should have an FBA (Functional Behavioral Assessment) that outlines how the challenging behavior should be addressed. The issue however is that these plans are lengthy, unnecessarily technical at times, and otherwise ineffective. That's where the Behavior Plan Canvas comes in! 

The Behavior Plan Canvas is our attempt to change this for the better. The Canvas is a simple tool that's designed to distill a 30+ page FBA down into a single landscape Canvas. Sweet right? It has an incredibly useful design, supplemented with descriptions and definitions on the back. It's attractive, practical, easy to use, and most importantly, effective. 

If you'd like a copy of the Behavior Plan Canvas, let us know. If you'd like in-depth support on completing the Canvas, we'd be honored and excited to serve you in that way! 

Rob @ Cultivate