A concept that BCBAs study and believe is Determinism. Determinism essentially means that the universe is lawful; things do not just occur willy-nilly, rather they occur because of other events. This means that behavior is orderly and can be distilled into very simple parts, and all behavior happens for a reason (what we call a Function). The BCBA truly believes that there's a reason for all behavior, and that behavior does not just occur "out of nowhere" or "for no reason." What I'm trying to say is that we leave nothing to chance when building our ABA programs for specific learners.

In a high-quality ABA program, there's no luck and all hustle. Next, I'll address Pivotal Skills and Behavioral Cusps. Those two concepts will have you feeling lucky, without the actual luck. Good methodologies applied take diligence and persistence, but the result definitely gets you feeling like you've found your pot of gold. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day Austin Texas! Be on the lookout for Pivotal Skills and Behavioral Cusps in our next post. 

Rob @ Cultivate