According to the Department of Education, expulsion rates for preschoolers are really starting to become a significant issue affecting our schools. Having taught in an ABA Pre-K Program (both Katie and I), we certainly understand how challenging these youngsters can be. I also understand that most of their problem behavior is maintained by socially-mediated reinforcement. This essentially means that they're reinforced by the individuals around them, whether students or teachers. 

That hurts right? We're kicking kiddos out of school, when we're the ones that have either reinforced problem behavior or have not reinforced socially-appropriate behavior. DO NOT misunderstand what I'm saying. It seems like I just shifted the blame to teachers, but that's not the issue. They need training and on-going consultation and support. Instead of blame-shifting, let's humble ourselves and recognize that we have to make a collaborative effort where we embrace responsibility and do the right thing. 

Put yourselves in the position of parent. One of the worst school-related things you could experience is that your child is being expelled. It affects so much, not to mention that this pattern of expulsion typically continues. Let's not standby!

Cultivate will do our part. We're willing to offer pro-bono support to different Pre-K settings in Austin, Texas (and/or Bee Cave, Lakeway, Round Rock, Cedar Park, San Marcos, or Kyle). We want to tangibly demonstrate our support in this regard. We already have consultation set up with a local Pre-K in South Austin! Let's get the word out! If you know of a Pre-K program that could use support, have them reach out to us directly. This is not the only solution, but it's one part.  

Rob @ Cultivate