Things that inappropriate behavior serve to communicate. The content included in this post is essentially an overview that covers the reasons why behavior occurs and potential assessment methods. 

In the above talks, Rob explained that there are 4 FUNCTIONS of BEHAVIOR. Another viewpoint or way in which to describe this principle could be that behavior is SOCIALLY MEDIATED or AUTOMATIC. 

SOCIALLY MEDIATED: Access to attention, tangible, and escape. It's considered "socially mediated" because it requires others to provide the reinforcing stimuli. Individuals in the environment are providing the reinforcing consequences in this case. Contrast that with AUTOMATIC REINFORCEMENT. 

AUTOMATIC REINFORCEMENT: It's automatic because it's not socially mediated. It does not require others because the behavior itself is reinforcing. For example, kiddos with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) might engage in stereotypic behavior simply because it provides a sensory stimulation that's reinforcing and pleasurable. No Behavior Tech or BCBA is needed to provide reinforcement because it's automatically reinforcing.